Supporting Boulder Area Businesses & Events

We Prioritize Our Local Ties

Our community is locally developed and managed by Zocalo, which means that life here is intentional and all about keeping our community strong. We’re focused on sustainability in and around the building, non-profit partnerships that give back to the community, and local events and businesses that bring more value and purpose to your resident lifestyle while living at Apex.

Aperitivo, the Onsite Restaurant

A global fusion restaurant, right here at Apex 5510. With a mission to elevate our customers’ experience from a traditional coffee shop to a full service restaurant, bar and cafe, our classically trained chefs and bartenders hand pick the finest ingredients to bring quality to every table.

Restaurant & Menu

Locally Managed by Zocalo

Sustainable living matters to our residents and it matters to us at Zocalo. Apex 5510 achieved LEED certification after undergoing a technically rigorous process including the incorporation of green strategies to achieve efficiency and healthy environments. Learn more about our values and ways we manage.

Zocalo Management

Resident Events at Apex 5510

Apex and Zocalo Community Development are dedicated to building community within our properties through resident engagement and experience. At least one event is held monthly in each of our lifestyle categories: Social Life, Intellectual Life, Physical Life, Purposeful Life and Local Life.

Social life icon.

Social Life

Events that bring people together for fun. Think happy hours, resident gatherings and more.

Purposeful life icon.

Purposeful Life

Events that encourage volunteering and/or supporting non-profit organizations, including Zocalo’s long term non-profit partnerships.

Physical life icon.

Physical Life

Events that promote physical activity like fitness classes, fun runs and hikes.

Intellectual life icon.

Intellectual Life

Events that stimulate the mind. Education, art, museums, etc.

Local life icon.

Local Life

Events specific to you, your city and your neighborhood.